Ghosts of the Past (2010) | British Youth Music Theatre

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What do you do when the love of your life turns into a vampire and leaves you?

Jude, 15, from Whitby gets reckless when Dawn leaves him to become, Rowan, head of the Vampires and he runs away to London to forget about his ‘ghosts’. Flash forward 5 years. There’s been a vampire/wolf war and nothing’s the same anymore. Rowan, now head of the New Vampire Movement is head of the coven and she wants peace.

Jude’s father dies and he reluctantly returns. Old friend Sophie is determined to win Jude’s affections but the course of true love never runs smooth in Whitby. Charlie wants Sophie, Sophie wants Jude and Jude doesn’t know what he wants anymore.

Vampires, Dogs and Freaks live happily in harmony with the humans - for a while.

But can you ever fully trust a vampire?

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Hannah Anderson
Theo Brown
Davina Brownrigg
Esther Bateman
Emily Buchan
Patrick Burley-Brown
Hannah Chaney
Lewis Clarke
Patrick Cole
Ailsa Davidson
Samuel Dunham
Fraser Gascoigne
Megan Gilbert
Matthew Gill
Tara-Davina Gulrajani
Ella Hawkins
Ishbel Hodgson
Luke Joyce
Isabelle Kirk
Gwion Llyr James
Kirsty Macdonald
Craig Manson
Stuart Moir
Charlotte Neale
Chloe Packer
Indi Phillips
Morgan Ritchie-Scott
Marli Siu
Jordan Smith
Melissa Smyth
Jade Tansley
Amelia Thomas-Wilson
Joe Watkins
Georgina Venman
Sebastian Ward