Fool's Gold (2009) | British Youth Music Theatre

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All that glisters is not gold...

YMT  brings an enchanting show fuelled by envy, jealousy, love, hunger, passion and greed to the Barbican Theatre in Plymouth. With its boisterous and exciting Commedia dell'Arte style, Fool's Gold tells the tale of a father trying to marry off his wayward daughter, an inventor attempting to become an alchemist and a bitter servant plotting revenge.

Directed by Gerry Flanagan, an experience practitioners in clowning, who has worked with Theatre de Complicite and the David Glass ensemble, and composed by Annemarie Lewis Thomas, Principle of the Music Theatre Academy in London, this frenzied and fun-filled show promises to be one not to miss.

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Lucie Abberley
Katrina Allen
Holly Anthony
Rachael Bamford
Luke Banasiewicz
Lauren Barnes
Max Bowden
Chloe Burke
Ryan Coleman
Jasmine Dey
Rebecca Ellis
Nathan Elwick
Simon David Evans
Marisa Foley
Hattie Fry
Olivia Graydon
Emily Elizabeth Hughes
Felix Junior Kankwamba
Matthew Knock
Heidi Lawry
Rebecca Mann
Emma Martin
Gabby McGhie
Daniel O'Brien
Abbie Paxton
Francesca Peplow
Catherine Poole
Harriet Slater
Oliver Smith
Bryony Tayler
Natalie Thompson
Samantha Thornton
Michael Whittaker