Endangered (2008) | British Youth Music Theatre

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International artists Peta Lily and Jonathan Cooper joined YMT to create a new piece of work on the lives of Engangered species.

Jonathan worked extensively for the David Glass Ensemble both in Europe and South East Asia while Peta works across Europe and Asia as a director, clown and facilitator.

This was an extraordinary and unusual new show!

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Hannah Batchelor
Rachel Bird
Jack Brookfield
Kit Courage
Genesis Edwards
Joshua Egirani
Francesca Fardell
Harriet Field
Chelsea Gall
Rosie Hale
Natalie Harris
Ameli Hart
Rebecca Henderson
Ellen Holmes
Yazmin How
Charlotte Lewis
Elizabeth Janine Manjon
Steven Millar
Gabriel Mokake
Florence Morgan-Richards
Claire Parry
Abbie Paxton
Francesca Peplow
Hazel Pude
Jack Quarton
Donna Redgrave
Kiera-Lorelle Rhomes
Harriet Scott-Delany
Carys Speake
Rosanna Stoker
Paisley Thomas
Nicholas Tingley
Ashley Tucker
Nicholas Ward
Michael James Wells