Eight (2009) | British Youth Music Theatre

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A lot can happen in eight years...

This summer YMT is embarking on an innovative and exciting project in rural Cumbria. 36 unique performers aged 16-20 will be asking the question:

Where will I be in the future?

Using creative, expressive performance the all-female cast will question their lives, the world they inhabit now and forecast their futures…and in eight years time they will return to see just how accurate their predictions were.

An ambitious and thought-provoking artistic experiment which begins in 2009... and ends in 2017!

Tickets are free. The performance is a promenade (moving) performance which involves some walking, and parts may take place outside - please bring an umbrella as the performance will go ahead whatever the weather!

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Nicole Abraham
Lindsay Atherton
Jessica Barker
Rivka Benjamin
Keziah Berelson
Lauren Carne
Megan Daniels
Keziah Ford
Heather Halliwell
Lowri Hamer
Sarah Hancock
Kate Hanks
Kate Harris
Meagan Hearons
Natasha Hotung
Katrina Huckle-Kleve
Rhiann Jeffrey
Chelsey Lee
Gabriella Margulies
Charlotte McFaden
Kiki Michopoulou
Kyekue Mweemba
Lucy Payne
Andrea Juliana Ratcliff
Laura Rea
Stacey Rea
Kiera-Lorelle Rhomes
Kat Riddell
Hannah Scanlon
Hannah Shaw
Catherine Shaw
Francesca Louise Smith
Bobbi-Lee Taylor
Ailsa Thompson
Laura Williams
Jay Young