The Drowning Pond (2013) | British Youth Music Theatre

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"The Drowning Pond" is a gritty, fast-paced thriller from award-winning author Catherine Forde. Joe Douglas is directing the production with Music Director, M.J McCarthy of indie band Zoe Van Goey.

Nicky's the least popular girl in school, and the glossy friends who were briefly interested in her are bored. She'll do anything to keep them. Nicky can get back in with the it crowd by picking on Loopy Loner Lizzie. Hallowe'en at the Drowning Pond is about to become pure evil.

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Sophie Bagge
Sarah Berry
Ella Bissell
Will Blackie
Frankie Bounds
Daniel Burnett
Sarah Coleman
Leam Da Silva
Natasha Darrah
Sophie Diamond
Ben Doherty
Charlie Fisher
Jack Gray
Rachel Hastings
Jake Henderson
Cassiah Joski-Jethi
Martha Kirby
Alisha Long
Erasmus MacKenna
Sophie May Roberts
Grace Mouat
Conor Mullen
Kitty Oliphant
Laura Pegler
Callum Rayment
Lucy Reed
Jenna Rivett
Conall Ross
Giacomo Sedgwick
Ewan Shand
Poppy Thompson
Erin Walsh
Chess Warren
Katrina Webb
Flora Whitmarsh