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It was a normal day, perhaps a little boring, but otherwise just like any other, when suddenly Katie Kember felt her body twitch. It twitched again - she couldn’t control it. The twitching continued, it grew and grew and wouldn’t stop.  Across town her friend Maeve fainted, then one by one more young women began to spasm, twitch and faint.  What was happening to them?

The Curious Case of Katie’s Hysteria is based on a real incident in Le Roy USA in 2011 and inspired by other suspected cases of mass psychogenic illness dating back to the Salem witch trials. What causes these curious outbreaks amongst young women?

An innovative piece of devised music theatre about the relationship between the individual and the group, about alienation, rebellion and finding your inner strength.

Performance Times

Sat 14 Aug 2021 2.00PM

Sat 14 Aug 2021 7.30PM

Sun 15 Aug 2021 2.00PM