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The Coorie Cave... OR... How To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse And Come Out Singing

Malcolm Madison met his match at Summer Camp. His rival - the tenacious Tamara Bichon - really let him have it at the closing conference as she tore through the holes in all his Model policies; leading to a Model-World-War, a Model international nuclear melt-down and a very real headache...

When Tamara, Madison and a host of other "politicians of the future" emerged from their intensive education simulation summit - the world that they knew was changed... and it was NO simulation...

Finding the nearest possible unmanned shelter - a nearby cave - the politically determined teens fled once they realised that the rest of mankind had become Flesh. Eating. Zombies.

Little did they know that another local tribe of lost souls - Jackie X and the Blunt Instruments: adept Zombie fighting survivors... were also headed for the small cave.

As they say in Scotland - coorie-in - settle down for a story of spades, cricket bats, broken hearts, claustrophobia and fighting the desire to eat someone's brains when really all you want to do is go for a romantic dinner...