The Chosen Room (2009) | British Youth Music Theatre

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Will you be Chosen?

In a world filled with facebook, myspace, bebo and twitter we’re all wondering the same thing – just who is Vicki Green?

Set in a futuristic social networking fantasy world, the mysterious Vicki selects the ten most eccentric companions for her Chosen Room. But who is the tall dark handsome stranger walking through her virtual door? This summer, perhaps YMT will let us in on the secret…

Writer Marie Jones is best known for her huge West End hit Stones in His Pockets and for her recent successes A Night in November and Women on the Verge of HRT. Composer and Musical Director Mark Dougherty was the musical director on the international hit dance musical Riverdance and is currently touring America with the hugely successful Celtic Thunder with two hit singles simultaneously in the American charts.

Developed in 2008, The Chosen Room returns in 2009 to further explore the high seas of Cyberspace...

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Nicola Bell
Charlotte Broadbent
Nichola Bush
Ciaran Butler
Adam Cooper
Shannon Cordiner
Shona Cosgrove
Aoife Delany
Scott Dillon
Julie Donnelly
Sarah Ferguson
William Fox-Roberts
Lauren Gallagher
Sarah Gannon
Antoin Gibson
Robyn Grant
Rachel Hastings
Jonny Holden
Natalie Issitt
Rebekah Jefferies
Carl Jenkins
Maeve Johnston
Marie Jones
Gerard Kelly
Kalvin Kenny
Victoria Lagan
Nianh Lenane
Rose Lonergan
Craig Manson
Nicola McBride
Rachael McDaid
Sam McKee
Phelan McRoberts
Ellie Mitchell
Steven Moorehead
Eadaoin Nic Oscair
Sinead O'Callaghan
Adam Roberts
Niamh Robins
Rosanna Stoker
Victoria Temple
Maeve Wright