The Chosen Room (2008) | British Youth Music Theatre

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A unique new show, set on the high seas of cyberspace...

You have just logged on to the world's biggest stage Where you can play whoever you want Or be yourself Do you know who is real and who is not? Does anyone?

In The Chosen Room only ten people will be invited to enter. Do you have what it takes to be ‘chosen’? One click and you can be selected One click and you can be deleted...

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Lisa Atherton
Jonathan Bingham
Sophie Boardley
Katie Bookless
Rebekah Brennan
Lizzie Buckingham
Nichola Bush
Ciaran Butler
Suzanne Cromie
Aoife Delany
Julie Donnelly
Alexander Firth-Clark
James Fox
Brid Gallagher
Sarah Gannon
Gabriela Garcia
Meghan Healy
Vanessa Ho
Derbhail Kinsella
Victoria Lagan
Rebecca Jane Lee
Ciara Lyons
Caroline McCann
Lauren McGarry
Sam McKee
Mikey McLean
Cathan McRoberts
Phelan McRoberts
Naoimh Morgan
Robert Morgan
Jasmin O'Keeffe
Mairead O'Neill
Elizabeth Payne
Ashley Quigley
Catherine Quinn
Hannah Sheehy
Thoran Sorrell
Rebecca Steed
Patrick Sweeney
Alison Tillson