A Beggar's Opera (2010) | British Youth Music Theatre

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This new version of The Beggar’s Opera, one of the most influential and important pieces ever written (in 1728) and the precursor of Brecht’s A Threepenny Opera, will update the story into modern language and set it in an edgy, contemporary world.  It is by turns comic, dark, witty and sharp.  The show will include new songs and street/hip-hop dance choreography. It will be a large scale show with 40 actors and musicians. We shall be creating the first stage of it this year and hope to build on it over the coming years.

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Keeley Allen
Keziah Berelson
Hannah Brown
Lucy Butler
Sebastian Davies
Andrew Deacon
Marcus Dobson
Simon Evans
Kate Hanks
Max Hardy
Ryan Heenan
Milly Hutt
Janine Ingram
Natalie Issit
Rachel Kewin
James Lanagan
Liam Lawler
Luke McCall
Icky McDonald
Grace Mclnerny
Reece Millard
Ellie Mitchell
Laura Rea
Lewis Rhomes
Caroline Scott
Catherine Shaw
Sarah Sherry
Ozonna Soludo
Scarlett Sterne
Adam Stewart
Timothy Stiles
Alex Stockley
Ashley Tucker
Carlton Venn
Caroline Ward
Rebecca Webster
Kirsty Whelan
Eleanor White
Olivia Winterflood
Issy Wroe Wright