Barrack Room Ballads (2018) | British Youth Music Theatre
Barrack Room Ballads - Youth Music Theatre UK

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A dynamic, new site specific musical production performed at the National Army Museum, inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s celebrated Barrack Room Ballads and marking the centenary of the end of The Great War.

Join us as we promenade through time, capturing the everyday sounds and rhythms of the lives of soldiers, reflecting on society’s response to this history changing event.

Travel from East End music halls to the vibrant streets of India, from the Victorian era to the present day; old meets new in this extraordinary, immersive musical production. Composed and directed by Conor Mitchell whose music is as emotively touching as it is technically astonishing. Performed by a 37-strong cast from Youth Music Theatre UK with The Belfast Ensemble.

Creative Team

Conor Mitchell

Conor Mitchell

Richard Chapell

Musical Director
Alex Bellamy

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