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Set in a heightened, cartoonish world, the show follows the inhabitants of a thriving fish-farm, and the Di-Carprio’s - a family of salmon, who dream of life ‘upstream’. Leo (the eldest daughter), sick of life stuck inside the tanks, galvanizes the clan of salmon, and initiates a mass escape through a hole in the borders. Meanwhile, the humans above land (a large group of zany scientists and fish farmers) realize there has been a breach of security and put an irresistible bounty price on the salmon. The show follows the salmon below the water, searching for their tribe, whilst the humans chase behind, barely taking a moment to question whether or not they’re doing the right thing.

Inspired by true stories, and with a score and tone somewhere between The Little Mermaid and The Simpsons, Angry Salmon is a funny, imaginative, and tongue-in-cheek allegory of the eco-awareness crisis in the world right now. It’s about family, freedom and appreciating the things we have before they are gone.

Tickets to be released.

Performance Times

Fri 4 Aug 2023 7.30PM

Sat 5 Aug 2023 2.30PM

Sat 5 Aug 2023 7.30PM

Sun 6 Aug 2023 1.30PM

Sun 6 Aug 2023 4.30PM