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Angry Salmon 2022 | BYMT

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Inspired by true stories from our oceans, this funny and imaginative new musical is 'The Little Mermaid' meets 'Seaspiracy’ - bubbling with humour, big characters and adventurous songs, telling an important story about taking care of ourselves and our planet.

Every year, thousands of salmon escape from salmon-farms in their masses. Ill-fit for life back in the wild, they are unable to find food, unable to migrate efficiently, and unable to connect with their fellow wild salmon. The salmon are angry.

In a big, cartoonish underwater world, we meet the inhabitants of a thriving fish-farm, who work their fins to the bone in order to be the best. Once a month, the Sky Ceremony happens, and the Humans lower their net to select those who will go on to ‘paradise’… Leo (the mayor’s eldest daughter) is sick of their non-stop way of living, and when disaster strikes, she initiates a mass escape through a crack in the farm’s borders. Suddenly, they find themselves in the deep blue sea, with one aim: find their fellow salmon.

Creative Team

Co-writer, Composer & Musical Director
Jordan Paul Clarke

Co-writer & Director
Ali James

Jocelyn Prah

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