According to Brian Haw (2013) | British Youth Music Theatre

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2011 saw the death of Brian Haw, the extraordinary anti-war campaigner who camped outside the Houses of Parliament for 11 years in protest first at the sanctions against Iraq and then against the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan. The performers and writers James Atherton and Sarah Nelson, working with Brian’s son, Pete Haw, create a new political work by relating Haw’s non-violent protest to the response to 9/11, the war in Afghanistan and the deaths of British soldiers of young Britons and their peers around the world. The voice of worldwide youth takes shape through stunning original music and lyrics singing a universal hymn of peace.

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Daisy Addison
Daniel Booth
James Burman
Victoria Carlin
Alice Chappell
Emily Collins
Matthew Colson
Chloe Elphick
Hannah Fearns
Michael Gallagher
Ikaro Gittins
Samuel Glen
Dimitri Gripari
Amanda Hahn
Daniel Hall
Ross Harmon
Rebecca-Louise Harrison
Sophie Harrison
Caroline Hickey
Jamie Lock
Luke McCall
Sam McCallum
Cordelia O’Driscoll
Joseph Orren
Lauren Osborn
Ewan Petrie
Nicola Reynolds
Alice Schofield
Leah Weerasinghe
Imogen Wehner
Eleanor White