According to Brian Haw (2012) | British Youth Music Theatre

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According to Brian Haw is an epic story about 3 young people affected by war, set against the backdrop of Brian’s personal struggle. This piece explores current and relevant political issues through human stories and asks questions about humankind and our responsibility to others. Restaged for 2012, this gave our young people the chance to contribute to the piece in response to recent political events.

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Daisy Addison
James Burman
Victoria Carlin
Emily Collins
Matthew Colson
Elliot Coombe
Callum Craggs
John Dawton
Chloe Elphick
Hannah Fearns
Michael Gallagher
Ikaro Gittins
Dimitri Gripari
Amanda Hahn
Ross Harmon
Rebecca Harrison
Sophie Harrison
Caroline Hickey
Jamie Lock
Sam McCallum
Zach Mobley
Kieran Morris
Cordelia O'Driscoll
Joseph Orren
Abbie Paxton
Abby Purdy
Nicola Reynolds
Alice Schofield
Jennifer Shrimpton
Rowan Stolton
Alice Stubbs
Eleanor Toms
Leah Weerasinghe
Imogen Wehner
Eleanor White