Tips for Picking Your Perfect Auditions Monologue

Picking the right monologue for an audition can often be stressful and nerve wracking, especially when you don’t know where to start. To ease some of the stress BYMT has collected a few tips on how to pick a good monologue for yourself so you’ll be ready to dazzle the audition team come your audition day!

1. Make sure the monologue gives your audience a story- your monologue should be dynamic, and one that takes your audience on a journey. What you don’t want is a monologue where your character drones on about the same thing for 2 minutes.

2. Avoid well known Movie or TV monologues-you will end up being compared to the actor/actress who made it famous, and you want the casting director to see you as an individual. For a sure fire way to ace your audition, pick a monologue with a character you feel like you can put your own personal touch on.

3. Discover one that makes you look like a winner- What are your strengths and weaknesses when performing? Are you more of a serious actor? Comedic? Discover your strengths and make sure you choose a monologue that caters to them. 

4. Read the play that your monologue is from- Reading the play will give you MUCH more insight about what your character is going through at any given point in time. Additionally you never know if the casting director will ask you questions about the play you’re reading from.

5. Pick something you enjoy performing- Don’t just pick the first monologue you find when you flip open a monologue book, spend time reading plays and finding material that you are excited about. If you’re passionate about the material you’ll be more willing to me memorize your lines and rehearse more often. Also, a director can tell if you’re having a good time or not, being excited about your performance will really come out in the audition room. 

We hope these tips have eased you mind about choosing your audition material. For precise guidelines about what style/how long your monologue should be please visit our website here. While you’re there, sign up for our auditions coming up this January, we would love to see you there!