New York premiere for the Bachelor Girls!

The Bachelor Girls, written by Caroline Wigmore and Jen Green, and first performed by BYMT in 2015 will have its New York premiere this June

Writing a musical is no small feat! Many shows are in development for five years or more, and The Bachelor Girls is no exception. BYMT commissioned Wigmore & Green to write The Bachelor Girls in 2015. After four years of further rewrites, performances and workshops, the show has been selected for the She NYC Festival, where it will have its American debut in June.

Caroline and Jen said: ‘We’re absolutely thrilled to be taking The Bachelor Girls to New York. We had a wonderful time with our BYMT cast and always enjoy seeing what they’re up to now – in fact we recently had a reading of the latest draft of the show at Trinity Laban and walked in to find one of the original 2015 cast members in the room!’

The inspiration for the show came from unlikely source material: the real life accounts of British women who came of age immediately after World War I. Statistically, only 1 in 10 of this generation would marry due to the war's horrific death toll. The Bachelor Girls tells the story of what the other 9 women did. This was a generation of firsts: the first female MP, Lord Mayors, barristers, vets, qualified mechanical engineers, the list goes on. And yet, sadly, this is considered to be a lost generation of women, often caricatured as maiden aunts, with their lives overshadowed by the tragic stories of the trenches. Humiliatingly, they were referred to as 'surplus women' and 'a problem' by 1920s British society because of their unmarried status. Many were encouraged to emigrate to other parts of the British Empire to search for husbands in countries such as India and Australia.

Despite this rather bleak backdrop, these women fought for their rights, their jobs and their place in the world. This was the age of the 'modern girl', flappers and exciting new dances such as the Charleston. The Bachelor Girls follows the stories of three of these women and their friends. Glamorous Molly, bookish Gertie and sweetly naive Cecily are thrown into the world of flappers, dances, equal voting rights, love and loss. Using 1920s style music and dance, it tells a story of friendship and solidarity in extraordinary circumstances.

And it all started with BYMT in 2015 with a marvellous, adventurous cast of young performers who Jen and Caroline still remember fondly.

You can find out more about ‘The Bachelor Girls’ here: 

There’s also a raffle to help Jen and Caroline cover the costs of their trip to New York – you could be in with the chance to name a character in the show!: 

The Bachelor Girls