My BYMT audition was an unforgettable experience

Have you ever felt nervous about an audition before? Or perhaps, this is your first audition and the nerves are almost too much to bear? Well, at BYMT we take extra care to ensure that our audition process is cultivated in a welcoming and encouraging environment. Our inclusive workshop style auditions ensure that all ages and all experience levels feel comfortable and welcome in order to ensure the best possible performance from our young performers.

Hear about the audition experience from Nico Shaw (aged 13 from Yorkshire), who auditioned for British Youth Music Theatre the first time in 2018 and performed in our production of Cautionary Tales at Barbican Theatre Plymouth.

When I got into the audition room there were about 20 teenagers, boys and girls, all with the same uneasy expression on their faces. The examiners were not what I was expecting; I thought they would be sternly watching for our every mistake and making our nerves even worse, but instead, they were friendly people who smiled and helped us to relax.

We started off with some dancing, it was good fun, and it helped that all of the teachers came round and suggested things that might help us improve.

Next was singing, the teachers sometimes stopped us to tell us to do something differently but they managed to do it in a way which did not make you feel they were being critical. The atmosphere was encouraging and I felt that they just wanted us to do well, I began to relax and was able to do my best.

The final stage of the audition was the acting part. This was amazing: we acted out our pieces and then everyone joined in making it feel like real life; the audition room melted away and we were all absorbed into each-others work.

I would like to say a massive thanks to the teachers who stopped me from feeling nervous and made my British Youth Music Theatre audition an unforgettable experience.

After his BYMT audition, Nico went on to be cast in one of our summer shows, Cautionary Tales. Don’t let nerves keep you from auditioning, take the leap, you never know where it could take you.

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