An Interview with BYMT Alumni Robyn Grant

Ever wondered what happens after life at BYMT? BYMT recently caught up with alumni and writer/composer Roby Grant, who helped found the up and coming theatre company Fat Rascal Theatre. Fat Rascal is a fantastic theatre company putting out many exciting new musicals centred around powerful female characters.

Q-How would you describe your BYMT experience in a way that sets BYMT apart and makes it special from other youth musical theatre companies?


A- BYMT for me was so special because it gave me the opportunity to devise new musical theatre from such a young age. I first worked with BYMT when I was 12 and went to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with ‘Force 9 and a half’; lead by the incredibly talented John Nicholson and Luke Sheppard. Working with such inspiring industry professionals so early in my career in an environment where we were encouraged to contribute, make suggestions and help to create work with them was such a unique experience which I feel has really shaped my career path.

I performed 4 shows with BYMT and each was completely unique; I loved getting to meet so many people from different places and backgrounds. BYMT seems to encourage different talents within the vast realm of musical theatre. I met rappers, comedians, dancers, gymnasts and musicians. You form a company of artists rather than just a cast.

I’m still in touch with so many of my old BYMTers, we still support each other’s work and it’s so great to have a network of upcoming creatives which I formed years ago!


 Q- What advice would you give to any young person who may aspire to join BYMT, may be nervous about auditioning but wants to have a career in MT?


A- BYMT is such a supportive, friendly and welcoming environment; they want you to do well and they really want to bring out the best in you. Go to have fun, even the audition is a great experience!

I used to be a very unconfident dancer but I was never made to feel uncomfortable about it with YMT. Go and show your best bits and let them see where they can help you. If you love musical theatre and you have a real passion for performing I’m sure they’ll see that and you’ll fit right in.


Q- Since joining BYMT, how far has your career come and what has been your defining career moment so far?


A- After graduating from East 15 Acting School I formed my theatre company ‘Fat Rascal Theatre’. I have written the book and lyrics for four new musicals which we have toured regionally.

We create feminist comedy with an emphasis on writing new bold parts for women within musical theatre which I am immensely proud of. My show ‘Buzz: A New Musical’ is back in development with support from the York Theatre Royal and we have been lucky enough to win several awards for our work over the past two years.

We are about to embark on a UK tour with our show ‘Tom and Bunny save the World’, a zombie apocalypse comedy with folk music.

I am currently writing two new shows, one with wonderfully talented composer (and BYMT creative) Pippa Cleary.

I have turned my passion for creating new musicals into my job and I honestly can’t thank BYMT enough for giving me the opportunity to watch and be a part of a professional process at such a young age.

I am so proud to be a BYMTer and really hope I can work with them in the future as one of the creative team!

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