The House of Nostril - Review by Chantelle Farrell

**** (4 Stars)

The Lowry, Manchester - 31 October, 2013

Casual Violence present the completely original comedy, The House Of Nostril.

The engaging animated beginning, thanks to The Whole Buffalo, introduces the audience to laughter within the first few minutes.

There, lives the Nostril family of Papa Nostril, Charlie Nostril, bizarre uncle Gideon, a group of cockney chimney sweeps and a stream of other memorable characters who assure a tale of voodoo dolls, goblins and other silly sketches.

Charlie (Alex Whyman) is the absolute highlight of this production with an uncanny comedy factor comparable to that of Jack Whitehall. His performance is closely matched by Luke Booys, who also plays multiple roles, but most notably cockney sweep Frank Turncoat.

At times, the actors are over dramatic but it is soon forgotten by horrifically hilarious moments which are plentiful. Not a minute passes without a hint of the witty dry humour that is seen throughout. Their style is very comparable to a David Mitchell and Michael McIntyre type comedy. Even the backdrop acquires laughs by the end of the hour.

With obvious downfalls that have ruined many productions, Casual Violence take these missteps, and produces them into comedy gold.

With a larger production team, The House Of Nostril has the potential to be a huge success.

The House of Nostril Lowry Manchester