Meet the 2016 Auditions Team - Vincent Manna

Choreographer and Movement Director Vincent Manna offers advice to prospective auditionees.

Training: I trained Rambert Dance School. After dancing professionally I then went to train at The London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art where I now teach and create movement theatre. I am also a freelance actor.

What are you looking for from auditionees?

Commitment. Approaching the audition with a huge sense of play. Generosity. Courage. Taking Risks. Taking the work seriously, but not themselves too seriously in the work. Be open to learning new things. Being Adaptive.

Tips for auditions:

Bring loose clothing. Bring Water. Turn up early. Listen to what is being asked of you and then THROW YOURSELVES INTO IT. Have fun. Take risks. Be open to working in an ensemble.

Why should people get involved with BYMT?

It will build your confidence. It will develop your singing, acting and movement skills. You will get valuable experience in performing on stage and in playing different spaces. You will understand what it means to work in an ensemble. You will get to contribute your ideas to the final piece. You will have more fun than you can possibly imagine! You will make friends for life. You will learn life skills as well as performance skills. You get to be away from your parents. You make a piece of magic in a very short space of time.


Favourite show?

Punchdrunk’s Faust

What/who should young people research in the arts?

Gecko. Punchdrunk. DV8. Frantic Assembly. Complicite. And the work of Pina Bausch.

Favourite food?

Egg Soldiers


Ideal holiday?

Walking the camino in Spain. Or relaxing on a sun soaked beach on some isolated Greek island


THE most important question: Scone (as in stone) or Scone (as in gone)?

Scone (Gone)

After researching all those fantastic theatre/movement/dance companies, make sure you book your audition to join the BYMT Company! Book here.

Vince Manna - Photo: Kevin Murphy