An interview with Sarah Gannon

We chat with BYMT Alumni and actress Sarah Gannon about her time with BYMT in The Chosen Room.

I had the most wonderfully independent time during my two summers with BYMT. We were taught to perfect our performance technique but also how to conduct ourselves in a professional environment. By mixing ages, it integrated mutual respect between younger and older students. I also adored my time away from home. It was the best fun of my young years!

Do you still keep in contact with any BYMTers?

Yes! She is still one of my closest friends.

Why should people get involved with BYMT?

Because there is more to this business than just learning the songs or dance moves. And learning how to work with others away from home/stage school forces you to learn new life skills. Because of my BYMT journey I feel I was capable/comfortable to accept professional touring roles late in life.

What would your dream role be?

I adore musicals and always will but if I had my way I would become a successful singer songwriter… However I would adore the opportunity to someday play the role of Cathy or Eponine.

Favourite Shows?

Les Misérables is the reason I started singing in the first place. But recently I went to see my friend play the lead in Kinky Boots. And I might be biased but woah!

Tips for auditions:

Thank the accompanist. Thank the casting assistant. Thank the person that gave you a bit of encouragement in the audition room. And most of all… sometimes you might not get the part because you messed up the note, sometimes it's because you're brunette or too tall. But not getting the part isn't the end of the world. Be happy you tried because unlike many hopefuls you were in the position to attend the audition and you were brave enough to do so!

What/who should young people research in the arts?

Try to build up a wonderful repertoire in your spare time. Follow Twitter sites of casting agents. But honestly there is no right way of working in this business. It just helps to be yourself and approach people personally after shows. Attend masterclasses when possible. Ask for advice … and when you win a Tony or Olivier … Keep asking for advice, because we're forever learning.

Favourite food?

Oooooh em, I love Cadbury's Golden Crisp and a cup of tea.

Ideal holiday?

Rome. Alway Rome. Go feed your belly and your soul! But I've been all over with tour that I'm raging I never got to Asia at all so I'd like to visit the elephants.

THE most important question: Scone (as in stone) or Scone (as in gone)?

Eh obviously Scone as in Stone!

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BYMT Alumni - Sarah Gannon - British Youth Music Theatre