Sean runs the Marathon... Blog 3 | British Youth Music Theatre

Sean runs the Marathon... Blog 3

23 Days To Go!!!

Wow... the date is creeping closer and closer and I'm starting to feel a little bit nervous. I got my information pack through the post and I've got to go and register to collect my sticker and goody bag (oooooooo). The weather's starting to look up (apart from Storm Katie last weekend, which wasn't great fun...) so hopefully the drizzle will stay away. As someone who has never run before - I'm more of a binge-watch-Netflix kinda guy - training so far has been a pretty tough challenge and muscles are aching in places I never knew existed! I've got an 18 mile run tomorrow, which will be my farthest distance to date - so fingers crossed!

We've also just reached the £500 mark with donations so thank you so much to everyone who has donated and also thank you for your kind words! Any amount you can donate is really amazing and goes to BYMT's Bursary Scheme, allowing us to provide opportunities for young people regardless of their background. DONATE HERE.

(What I think I look like...)


Also, if you're around on the day (Sunday 24 April), then you should definitely wear your BYMT t-shirt (or make a sign!) and we'll all try and meet up somewhere! 

Once again, thanks so much to everyone who's donated so far - keep 'em coming! DONATE HERE.


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