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Lost property

Lost Property

Anything found at a BYMT venue or accomodation provider, which looks like young persons property, will be returned to the BYMT office at the end of each project. If you have lost something, please email the office mail@bymt.org to find out if we've recovered it. We reserve the right to charge postage if you are unable to claim your property in person. We can also give you contact details for the venues incase they have been found after the project finished.

Please keep in mind that BYMT does not provide insurance for your personal items (including mobile phones) and the company assumes no responsibility for damage, loss or theft of personal property on any BYMT premise. With this in mind, it’s probably worth leaving anything of great value at home. If you won’t need it – don’t bring it.

It is advisable that musical instruments or any other items of value, including mobile phones, are covered by your household insurance policy. Expensive jewellery, laptops, tablets, cameras etc. are better left at home!